Accelero Ventures develops technical placement solutions including digital tokens that are backed by advanced smart contracts, which we operate through digital asset placement and brokerage platforms. In addition to that, we are also in the process of developing our own crypto-currency exchange which will employ best technology and compliance strategies.

Companies, that are looking to raise funds through digital assets such as tokens, have more options than ever before. It behooves them to seek after the best talents available in the industry. Accelero Ventures has the resources to make it happen.

The ever increasing crypto currency market has many hurdles to navigate through. We believe we can provide the best advice, best practices, best analysis and best execution to achieve a company’s full potential in an offering through our network of mentors, industry veterans as well as experts.

We offer following most important services:

  • We work with you from beginning to end in delivering the maximum capital raise while being compliant in all phases.
  • We will connect you with our network of investors, reach out to other potential investors and will manage your PR during the offering.
  • We will help create smart contracts, analyze them and digitize them with your team.
  • We will help get the best resources such as exchanges, placement platforms, funds, asset distribution, escrow services and necessary brokerages
  • We will help create the offering materials such as whitepaper, company materials, networking and distribution acting on your behalf as issuer for balance sheeting your digital assets.
  • We will develop necessary materials such as business narrative, marketing, company profile, business plan, revenue plan etc.
  • We will oversee the issuing process, issue the offering and provide complete reports at every stage.
  • We will ensure Risk Management, KYC, AML and Compliance Guidance.