Accelero Angel Network is a network of Angel investors who are keen to invest in early stage businesses which have potential to create disproportionate value. The members of our Network are successful businesspersons and corporate leaders with a passion to value for startup ventures. In addition to providing capital to startups, our members may also provide high quality mentoring and may give access to their network required by a startup.

Through Accelero Angel Network, we will explore investment opportunities in multiple sectors including Agriculture, E-Commerce, Education, Financial Services, Gaming, Healthcare, Hospitality, Information Technology, Internet, Lifestyle, Mobile, Retail, Services, etc.

We like to invest in startups that meet the following criteria:

  • Idea with reasonable degree of innovation
  • Differentiated Value Proposition
  • High barriers to entry
  • Business Scalability
  • Strong management team with complementary skill sets

Benefits of becoming Accelero Angel:

  • Become a part of a startup ecosystem
  • Access to multiple, early-stage Investment Opportunities
  • Robust Startup Selection Criteria
  • Simple Investment Term Sheet to avoid deal-flow complications
  • Investment Monitoring & Feedback
  • Gain exposure to a wide variety of innovative people
  • Able to offer mentorship and hands-on advice

We invest upto 1 Mn in a startup, with an average of about 0.5 Mn with exit opportunities over a 3 to 5 year period through a strategic sale. On select cases, we also consider investments opportunities upward of 1 Mn .

To become a part of Accelero Angel Network, please write to us at