From strategy review and business planning to hands-on implementation, we help entrepreneurs achieve long-term growth. We provide you with bespoke service packages to avoid costly mistakes, increase the return on your investment and maximize the value of your resources in order to accelerate your startup. We help you define and execute key growth strategies, deliver a great launch experience, bring new products and services to market and secure funding.

We offer the following services to startups:

Startup Idea Audit

If you are looking to start a business but not sure if your business idea is viable, then call us to help you evaluate your idea using our proprietary “Startup Idea Audit” tool. We provide bespoke startup business advice sessions for individuals looking to start a business as well as for existing businesses seeking growth advisory. During our session, we analyse your business model, develop revenue streams, test your go-to-market strategy, cover financials & fund raising and much more.

Business Strategy & Planning

Idea itself has no intrinsic economic value. It acquires economic value when it is transformed into a business concept and successfully implemented. Moreover, a startup faces multiple challenges and complexities arise at anytime. We develop an actionable business plan that acts as a roadmap to help you achieve desired results.

Business Modeling

A new business can exist when a model for its value creation becomes apparent. We help our clients develop a clear and concise business model based on Value Propositions, Key Activities, Key Partners, Key Resources, Customer Relationships, Customer Segments, Customer Channels, Cost Structure and Revenue Streams.

Financial Planning

We help clients explain the vision and strategy with the right numbers. Robust financial models are created to serve as a roadmap for greater insights.

Investor Ready Presentation

Every investment opportunity requires an executive summary, pitch deck, and business plan. We prepare you to face the investor with effective plan of action to win their confidence and secure much-needed funds.

Funding Strategy

Getting funded can be incredibly difficult and time consuming. We advise founders to decide exactly at what stage they should go for fund raising, how much they should raise and most importantly, from where they raise it – business angel, bank loans, grants, crowd-funding, crowd-investing or venture capital. After analyzing the fund requirement, we devise an effective fund raising strategy and even help you raise funds too.

Depending on the state of your business, we provide maximum flexibility by offering various remuneration options – Hourly Rate, Project – based Fee, Revenue Share and Equity Share. To schedule one-to-one startup business advice session, simply contact us with your query and we will get back to you shortly.